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Website Redesign. 


As an artist, I find myself continually working within the world of self-promotion. My goal with this update was to create a site that would showcase my skills as a producer, production artist, art director, photographer, and designer all in one space.

The process:

After spending hours looking at reference material, both within print and web-based formats, I felt inspired to choose something that gave homage to the golden age of news and print media.

Everything that stuck out to me seemed to have a common theme.

Clean. Bold. Monochromatic. 

When drawing up the wireframes, a primary focus of the design was standardization. I wanted to showcase the process of how these projects came together in a clean and well-designed way.

With the range of projects I find myself working with, I felt it essential that the production work could flow into personal / photo projects I’ve worked on over the years. For larger, more in-depth projects, I wanted to include the process of how the project came together; This allows me to share the story behind the finished project.