This is Life Eternal

SIU-1222-001-001 —  Journal Entry - 

I used to take pictures. A lot of pictures, and at some point in the last few years, I began to question the significance of my photography. The images I had taken were simply snapshots of people's lives, most of which had no personal connection to me. 

So I stopped... However,  Over the last few years, I have realized that a part of me was missing. I began looking inward for review and discovered my love for traveling and photography. Writing about my experiences and the subjects I photograph brings me a sense of clarity and understanding of myself. Even if it doesn't serve any other purpose, capturing and documenting these moments brings me joy, and that's enough reason for me to continue doing it.



SES-1022-001-0107 — Untitled
Ibiza, Spain

Nuevo Capítulo.


SIU-0622-003-00X — Nuevo Capítulo. 
West Desert, UT . 

Layers of Life.


SIU-0822-003-0083 — Layers of Life
Salt Lake City, UT . 

Lik’in Football..


GUA-0822-001-00X — Lik’in Football. 
Likin, Guatemala .