Andrew Petersen (b. 1986) is a visionary artist thriving at the intersection of production, art direction, and photography in Salt Lake City, UT.  Andrew excels in the dynamic landscape of the new media age, where creative roles extend further than ever before.

In each project, Andrew serves as the architect of processes that breathe life into a compelling narrative. Recognizing the collaborative nature of creative endeavors, he brings infectious excitement to team efforts, propelling the collective vision toward the realization of groundbreaking projects.

Andrew's impressive portfolio includes collaborations with industry giants such as Netflix, IWC Schaffhausen, HBO, Bose, Ford, Outside Magazine, NBC, Meta, and ESPN, leaving an indelible mark on the world of content production. His passion for the outdoors shines through in his specialization in producing content in remote locations, from alpine peaks to high-altitude deserts.

Before conquering challenging terrains, Andrew honed his skills in the bustling creative hub of Los Angeles. There, he managed crews, oversaw billings, and orchestrated logistics for an average of twelve shoots a week. As a former art director, his keen understanding of creative execution is unparalleled, enabling him to streamline each production and create a working environment emphasizing effective processes and communication.

Andrew's visual storytelling journey began earnestly when he moved to New York while pursuing a B.F.A. at Utah Valley University. Under the mentorship of esteemed fashion photographer Rodney Smith, Andrew fine-tuned his attention to detail and developed a penchant for curating top-notch crews and captivating locations.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Andrew finds solace and inspiration in exploring the diverse landscapes of Utah. An avid adventurer, he can be found skiing down pristine slopes, scaling towering peaks, hiking through serene trails, and immersing himself in the beauty of mountains and deserts. Balancing his adventurous spirit, Andrew enjoys quiet moments with a good book and cherishes quality time with his family.