The Last Embrace —

A Commentary on the Social Effects of Covid-19.

Written and Directed by Diego C. 


A mother and son embrace one last time before taking six feet apart and isolating themselves to avoid the risks of a dangerous air-borne pandemic.

This film was made in honor of those who have lost or been separated from loved ones due to Covid-19.


Brahim Rachiki - The Son
Marian Moneymaker - The Mother
Patrick Gorman as The Gatekeeper

Executive Produced by:
Diego Contreras / Fireland
Paul Meyers, ASC
Dave Morrison / Reset Content

Director of Photography: Paul Meyers, ASC

Producer: Andrew J. Petersen @ Wyser Media
1st AC: Mikkel Richardson, Chris Chrisenbery
2nd AC: Tanner Frost
Steadicam: Andrew Ansnick, SOC
Aerial Drone Op: Chris Workman, Override Productions
Keygrip: Karl Danielson

Original Soundtrack by: Ryan Taubert

Costume Designer: Saury C. Armenta

Production Designer: Lyndi Bone
Leadman: Michael Frazier
Set Decorator: Jake Wilhite

Production Supervisor: Chloe Petersen
Production Coordinator: Karl Danielsen
Assistant Director: Oliver Howells
Co vid Compliance: Abi Danielsen

Editor: Diego Contreras
Voiceover written by: Francis Rourke

VFX: Artjail
Creative Director / Partner: Steve Mottershead
Head of 3D / Partner: Gene Dreister
Head of 2D / Partner: Andres Kirejew
EPs: Caitlin Schooley-Groneveldt, Leslie Mccartney
VFX Artists: Alex Shaviri, Andrew Thiessen
VFX Assistant / Animator: Ben Lee

Colorist: Daniel de Vue

Sound Designer: Philip Nicolai Flindt / Ballad

Sound Recordist: Rumi Ali

End Credits Music: Lhassa de Sela “Soon this space will be too small”

Background Talent:
Abia Alleen, Saury C. Armenta, Danielle Boyle, Jennifer Chapman
Matt Chute, Kyle Connors, Tojo Fairman, Lahval Fulmano, Elle Ginter,
Luiz Laffey, Edi Laffey, Lauren Meyers , Gwen Meyers, Jack Meyers, Tom Meyers
Joaquin Serna, Matt Serna, Santiago Serna, Cari Stewart, Tyler Stewart
Jowaan Sullivan, Jasmyn Swindall